Installing Magento 2.2.2 on AWS Linux 2 with PHP 7.1, Nginx & MariaDB

Magento is one of the most feature-rich and established ecommerce platforms available today and is a sensible choice for anyone looking to take their online retail seriously. Installing the most recent Magento 2 Open Source edition on a LEMP stack on AWS can have a few hurdles and despite their best efforts, the documentation can't always cater for all scenarios. So here's the process of setting up a fresh Magento installation on a AWS Linux 2 instance.

How to get Server Sent Events working nicely in PHP

Server Sent Events (SSE) (Also known as EventSource) are a great way to send data instantly to the browser, it opens a stream between the browser and the server. The browser then listens for any messages you want to relay to the browser, whether that be a visual notification to the user or just an update to existing content.

Setting up ffmpeg on your server for php video conversion

I needed to setup a site similar to youtube, that would convert uploaded videos to web-friendly versions for viewing. Installing the software turned out to be quite straight forward, once I knew what was needed. But there were a few gotcha's along the way.

Optimizing your sites speed and minimising bandwidth usage

If you have any popular sites, you will know that bandwidth usage can become an issue very quickly. If the site isn't optimised, you're increasing your usage, slowing down the users experience on mobile and probably experiencing a negative affect on your Google rankings as well.

Handling multi-lingual sites for mobile and search

Implementing multiple languages on a web site can be handled in a variety of ways and it usually depends on the circumstances as to which route is taken. I recently created a single page application, which required 4 different languages but also needed to be mobile-friendly and good for SEO (probably the case for all sites these days...).

Detecting bounces from emails sent in PHP

When working on an automated email system for a client, the core requirement was to send mass emails and detect bounces, opens, clicks and unsubscribes for reporting. The majority of this was trivial, except for detecting bounces, as I had not dealt with this before. I will run through the solution I found.

Create a hook to publish on push in GIT

GIT is now a very widely used source control platform, used across many different languages. There are many ways to use it and it has some great features. One of those features is hooks, hooks are scripts that are fired at specific events in the GIT process.